: jdbc courier overview

JDBC Courier Support

Beyond the general support explanation, we just want to go into a bit more detail on the type of questions for which we provide support and what we regard as out of scope.

If you are a supported customer, we support you on issues and questions related to:

Then there are some topics that just go too far and we exclude them from our normal support. That does not mean that we leave you hanging, but we request that you purchase some consulting time from us if you want our help in these areas. Under our standard support agreement the following issues are out-of-scope:

We will answer proxy type usage questions coming from the licensed developer(s). Our philosophy is that we support the JDBC Courier-integration specialists on your team who then support the rest of the coding team. We are not sticklers for the letter of the contract but we will certainly not provide free tech training via support calls for all C++ and .NET developers in your department. We can discuss special terms if you desire this level of support or we can discuss paid training sessions for your team.

We cannot be expected to know the Java Runtime configuration for every JDBC driver. They all have different jar files that need to be on the classpath, they all need different JNDI configurations, etc. It is your job to figure out how to configure a Java application so it can talk to your JDBC driver. If you give us that information we will help you translate it into a matching JDBC Courier runtime configuration.

I think you get the idea: we stand behind our product but if you're trying to get JDBC Courier to do something that it normally does not do or if you want us to support dozens of developers or your customers we need some extra compensation before we can agree to help you.