Solutions for Language Integration

What we do

Codemesh's integration solutions allow you to integrate products written in Java, C++, or .NET. Codemesh's patented technology (US patent #6,901,588) allows your organization to enter previously inaccessible markets or leverage existing assets written in one language, all while integrating with or migrating to another language.

Using Codemesh products, you can create highly performing, tightly coupled, secure, integrated applications by mixing Java, C++, and .NET code from one source or even from third parties. Interoperability between Java and C++ or Java and .NET has never been this easy and you should just give it a try!


Codemesh just added an exciting new feature to the core JuggerNET product that allows the embedding of Java GUI components into .NET Forms applications. We created a really neat and useful integration component for the NASA World Wind SDK, both to demonstrate the feature's versatility and to produce something immediately useful for a lot fo people. Read more about it here.

Earlier, we released a new product called terp™. terp started out as an ANT C++ compiler abstraction but grew into much more. It offers a full-featured templating engine integrated into the ANT environment, collection iterators, an extremely powerful C++ compiler task, and so much more. Check it out!

How we help you

There are more possible integration scenarios than we can fit on this page, but the following scenarios provide a pretty representative sample of how our existing customers are using Codemesh products:

  • Publish a C++ or .NET integration API for your Java product.
    You have a Java product and C++ or .NET customers who would like to use it.
  • Send and receive JMS messages in C++ or .NET.
    You have an existing JMS infrastructure that you need to use from a C++ or .NET application.
  • Talk to an EJB server from C++ or .NET.
    You have a native application that needs to communicate with an Enterprise Java Beans server.
  • Display a Java GUI in a native GUI application.
    Mixing GUI components comes with a lot of hurdles that Codemesh products can help you overcome.
  • Build your own C++ applications with many compilers, on many platforms and processor architectures with a high-level ANT task.
    terp provides you with an inexpensive solution for making your ANT builds more powerful.

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