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Support and Maintenance Policy

This page is about Codemesh's general support policies. If you are a customer and need support please visit your specific Codemesh product's support page or contact us directly by phone or email.

Let's first mention who is entitled to support:

What Do You Get?

We occasionally deviate from our standard license terms, but the following items are included in our standard support & maintenance package:

Do You Need to Purchase Support and Maintenance?

No, you don't, though I will never understand why people who are willing to spend money on a tool that becomes a part of their product do not also purchase support and maintenance, particularly if it's not that expensive.

When you choose to go unsupported you do not lose your license to use the code generator or deploy your application, but you lose access to bug fixes and new releases. After you have been unsupported for a year, we do not allow you to pay up for past support if you find yourself in need of assistance. Instead, you have to repurchase the current version of the code generator to become supported again.

We recently had the unpleasant case of a 10+ year customer who had stopped paying for support and maintenance several years ago because they only had one client for the Codemesh solution and it had been working flawlessly for many years. They figured that they could save $599 per year without risk. Then their customer made a change in their code which necessitated a change in the integration code and they found that they could not regenerate the proxy types because the Java bytecode specification had changed since they created the integration. They had to repurchase the code generator to fix the customer issue, only to move off the entire integration within the next three months.

We leave it up to you whether you purchase support and maintenance, but we've made it clear what the consequences are if you choose to forgo it. We don't like playing hardball but we have to make a living too and we cannot if we only get paid when someone has a problem.

So How Much Is It?

We typically charge 20% of a regular developer license cost per year for Support & Maintenance.

This means that—if you're willing to gamble—you save money by not paying for Support & Maintenance if, for a period of five years:

May the odds be ever in your favor!