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Java/.NET Integration Made Easy!

JuggerNET is Codemesh's industrial strength integration solution for arbitrary Java/.NET integration problems.

A code generator is used to analyze Java bytecode and generate C# types that can be used just like the underlying Java types. A runtime library is responsible for embedding a JVM in your .NET process and maintaining the connection between the two sides when you run your application.

Choose from the tracks below to understand how JuggerNET works. If you are new to the product we recommend that you start with the Overview track, which will walk you through a number of topics in a meaningful sequence.


The Basics on a Few Pages

Get a slightly more detailed product overview and then learn about the technology, the feature set, Codemesh's support policy and product licensing.

Generalized Case Studies

Read about some ways you could benefit from using JuggerNET.

Don't Skip Them!

Spending a couple of hours on them now will save you a lot of time in the long run.

All Things Code Generator

Learn everything about the code generator. Find out about the three different ways of generating .NET proxy types using the GUI, the CLI, or ANT; understand how model files work.

All Things Proxy Type

Learn all about the generated C# proxy types and how to use them in your applications.