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JuggerNET Download

Once you are logged in, you can download JuggerNET from this page. You have to be a supported customer or product evaluator who agreed to the terms of Codemesh's evaluation license.

Please submit an evaluation request if you have not done so already and are interested in evaluating the product.


The JuggerNET code generator is delivered as a compressed archive in .tar.gz format. You need to unpack it using a decompression utility of your choice. All modern operating systems include utilities that know how to handle this file format.

On Windows, simply use a free utility like 7zip to extract the archive.

On Unix or Unix-like operating systems, usually the following sequence of commands works fine:

gzip -d codegen.bin-<version>.tar.gz
tar -xf codegen.bin-<version>.tar

The archive contains a complete code generator installation in a directory named junc++ion-<version>. Please note that you have downloaded the correct product. JuggerNET and JunC++ion share large parts of their code base and come bundled together.

Post Install Instructions

If you downloaded a runtime library from here rather than letting the code generator handle the download itself when it's run the first time, you can still let the code generator install the runtime for you.

  1. Create a directory named downloads in your code generator directory.
  2. Copy the downloaded runtime archive into the created downloads directory without unpacking it and start the code generator GUI.
  3. You might have to accept the license agreement if you run the code generator the first time. This is the same evaluation license agreement that you originally accepted to gain access to the download page.
  4. Do not enter your download credentials and cancel the runtime download dialog.
  5. Select the Help -> Download C++ Runtime menuitem.
  6. Check the Download only if necessary box.
  7. Click OK.

This should unpack the runtime archive to the proper location and perform all necessary post installation actions.