: jms courier use case

C++ Messaging with JMS

A customer was looking for a cost-effective way of implementing a messaging solution across a variety of back-end and desktop systems, running a variety of operating systems.

C++-based messaging solutions were very expensive and there was no clear standard that would allow the quick transition from one vendor to a competing vendor if necessary.

JMS-based messaging solutions quickly emerged as potential contenders due to their ability to run on all computers and the fact that they promised plug-and-play replacement of vendor implementations. The problem was that most of the applications that required integration into a messaging solution were written in C++.

The customer evaluated some very expensive commercial JMS products that came with a proprietary C++ API but was left unsatisfied due to the high price and the C++ bindings' incomplete feature set.

In the end, the customer chose to use a free JMS implementation and pay for JMS Courier at a saving of more than 70% vs. the leading JMS with C++ competitor, in the first year alone. Over the five years this solution was deployed this approach saved close to $100,000 in license fees.

Feel free to look at some JMS C++ code in a publisher or a synchronous subscriber example.