: jms courier code (v3)

Platforms & Frameworks

.NET Frameworks

Currently, JMS Courier-enabled applications should be compatible with all .NET frameworks 2.0 or later.

Java Runtime Environments

These days, we regularly test with JREs version 8 and higher. We do not rely any JNI APIs introduced after Java 1.4.

Processor Architectures & Operating Systems

As described in the Technology section, at runtime your application relies on an unmanaged runtime library called xmogrt. We currently only build this library with the required .NET entry points for the x86 and x64 processor architectures on Windows, but there is no fundamental reason to not support other platforms and operating systems as Microsoft ports the .NET framework. Talk to us if you are interested in support for other operating systems and architectures.

We currently do not support the Mono framework. Again, we would be happy to talk with you if there is demand for such an integration solution.