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Solutions for Language Integration

In a nutshell, Codemesh's products allow you to cost-effectively and reliably integrate code written in Java, C++, or .NET.

Codemesh's patented technology (US patent #6,901,588) allows your organization to enter previously inaccessible markets or leverage existing assets written in one language, all while integrating with or migrating to code written in another language.

Common Use Cases

The strongest use cases all involve generating C++ or .NET proxy types from compiled Java classes and then using the proxy types in your native applications to gain access to the underlying Java types.

Codemesh's foundational code generators allow you to quickly generate problem-specific solutions to just about any cross-language integration problem involving Java, C++, and .NET. This generic applicability can make it hard for potential customers to picture our products' concrete usefulness in their organization, therefore we used our tools internally to create some problem-specific solutions.

The following use cases are examples taken from our customers' real-world integration needs.