: case study : streambase

The Use Case

StreamBase Systems, an early leader in complex event processing (CEP), had developed a new class of stream processing software in Java. Codemesh provided the .NET bindings for it. StreamBase customers used the JuggerNET-generated .NET bindings to integrate StreamBase technology into their own .NET applications.

About StreamBase Systems

StreamBase Systems was founded in 2003 to address the processing demands of low latency, real-time computing. The first in a new breed of systems software, the StreamBase stream processing engine helps organizations in financial services, telecom and networking, e-Business, government and military and other industries transform streaming data into competitive advantage through applications that deliver instantaneous response. Current customers include leading exchanges, hedge funds and investment firms, where applications require rapid execution of queries, analytics and actions using real-time streaming data. StreamBase was headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts.

In 2013 StreamBase was acquired by TIBCO Software.