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Attributed Statements

Align Technologies

“Support from you guys … has been phenomenal, and I thank you for your rapid feedback to our messages.”

CISCO Systems

"JunC++ion is our JNI expert!"

Tim Nelms, formerly of NBS Powerforms

"I have searched high and low for a very simple solution to this problem [Java-.NET].....and I've not found the perfect solution yet. However the best technical solution, and the one I would recommend you look at is, Codemesh's JuggerNet product. We are using this to give our Java classes .NET wrappers and it is proving excellent."

Wireless Data Services

"We're currently purchasing JunC++ion as I'm pleased with how it allows us to slowly migrate [C++] functionality to Java. We practise extreme programming, so small steps are essential, JunC++ion facilitates this."

Anonymous Statements

From an early terp™ evaluator

“I am a believer.  I have worked on very large make systems, and while
everything is pretty straightforward (*in theory*) when configuring
makefiles, it never ends up being completely straightforward in
practice.  Seldom, if ever, does a new makefile work first time.

With terp I have now configured several of our libraries for two CPU
targets with both archive and shared versions and debug and release
variants.  Everything worked first time out-of-the-box. ”

From a next-generation mobile communications company

“Once again, many thanks for your considerable help.” “Wow, you guys are really on the ball!” “Excellent stuff. Many thanks…”

From an information management services provider
to the financial industry

“Even in prototype, we are now more stable using the Codemesh products than we are with the product we are in production with.”

From a cellular phone company

"...considering all the support you provided while working on that project. You just don’t know how much I really appreciated that."

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