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Support Policy

Let's first mention who is entitled to support:

  • any evaluator during the first 30 days of evalation (free trial period).
    Most of our customers solve their initial integration problem in that time period. You should talk to us about an extension or buy a starter kit if you need a longer evaluation period.
  • any customer in good standing.
    We like to be paid and reserve the right not to provide support if you haven't held up your side of the deal.

What do you get?

We occasionally deviate from our standard license terms, but the following items are included in our standard support & maintenance package:

  • free major and minor updates
  • free bugfixes
  • free support by phone and email during Codemesh's regular business hours.
    It is important to understand whom we're supporting: we support our customer (you), but not your customers. Clearly we will work with you to fix a Codemesh product bug that occurs on one of your customer's machines, but we don't provide free tech support to every one of your customers who runs into a configuration problem; that's your job.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent tech support and can only encourage you to call us and make use of it. What's more, we really enjoy having technical conversations with our customers where both sides usually learn something useful.

The only thing we ask of you is to deviate from standard engineering practice and "Read The Fine Manual" before you call us. Check out the FAQs and the documentation for simple problems but if the documentation is incomplete or you can't find the answer within five minutes, call.

So where do I go from here?

  • Use the navigation bar on the lefthand side to look at the FAQs and product documentation.
  • Use the search function in the top right corner of every page.


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