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We know: you really just want to download a file and be done with it, but please bear with us. We are a small business and we pride ourselves on providing excellent pre-sales and post-sales technical support. Our success seems to be directly related to knowing a little bit about you and the problem you are trying to solve. To be perfectly frank: we just don't want to waste our time and your time with a product evaluation that is going to go nowhere because the use case is a stretch. By telling us about your integration problem, you can ensure that we tell you whether we think our products are a good match or not.

Please fill in the form below and please trust us with your real, corporate contact information. Check out our privacy policy, but in short: we don't sell your contact information, we don't call or spam you and we usually only send a few emails per year to the customers who have indicated that they want to be kept up-to-date on product developments.

Please call us if you haven't heared from us within a workday (emails sometimes do get lost) or if you have any questions, for example about licensing and pricing (you'll find that the fact that we don't publish pricing on our website does not automatically mean that we're too expensive.)


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