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From here, you can download the current version of terp, as long as you have a valid username and password. Click on the file icon corresponding to the platform/version you're interested in. Windows versions are shipped as a zip file, Unix/Linux versions as tar.gz files. Simply uncompress the archives into a directory of your choice.

  Windows IA32 terp.bin-latest.tar.gz Binaries only
1 Windows IA32 terp.src-latest.tar.gz Sources only
1 Linux IA32 terp.all-latest.tar.gz Sources and binaries

1) You need to have source code privileges to download the terp.src and terp.all files.

Other versions of terp can be made available upon request but as long as you know the exact version number that you're interested in, you should be able to download the archive by composing the download URL manually, following this formula:<major.minor.patch>.tar.gz<major.minor.patch>.tar.gz<major.minor.patch>.tar.gz

Please treat your login information confidentially.

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