Third-party software

What third-party software is used in terp?

terp does not rely on any third-party software packages at runtime.

If you are using the terp ANT tasks, you will obviously need ANT, but we do not embed any ANT components in the terp distribution.

If you are building terp from scratch because you have a source code license, you will need JUnit to run the test cases, but we do not embedd JUnit in the terp distribution.

terp is written in Java®. It requires a JDK6 or higher at build time and a Java5 JRE or higher at runtime. If you have a Java6 JDK, you also have the required JRE. Like any Java product, terp requires the copyright notice which we put at the bottom of this page.

There are only two files in the terp distribution that are published under a license other than the Codemesh Modular Template Interpreter license. We copied and customized the ANT launcher scripts for use in the terp commandline utility. These two launcher scripts are published under the Apache v2 license. If you are concerned about the Apache license, you can delete them and write your own starter scripts for the terp commandline utility (it's easy as long as you don't try to make them ultra-portable and ultra-generic).


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