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Business Matters

Yes, business matters. terp is not an open source project and we are interested in making money. If you are a for-profit entity or you are using terp on behalf of a for-profit entity, you should be willing to pay us something. If not, you should go looking for open source projects with similar or overlapping feature sets. They are out there, but we're not going to tell you their names and we're not going to help you find them because

  1. we're not a free information service, and
  2. we don't want to waste time on justifying our existence, and
  3. If you can't find the open source projects without our help, your project is probably doomed anyway.

We are reasonable people, so we won't ask you for a first-born or a limb (not even a small one) in exchange for granting you a terp license. We have spent a lot of time, effort, and money on creating and improving terp. In the right use case, terp provides great value to you, but we are aware that it will always be a little infrastructure component and not a big business-critical software solution. We have priced terp accordingly.

Pricing/Licensing in accordance with use cases

Determining proper pricing and licensing terms for software products can be hard. We believe that there are some broad use case categories that can and should be treated differently. These areas are:

  • ANT builds
    You are using terp to simplify or enhance your product builds. You will need one developer license per build developer and no deployment licenses. The definition of build developer depends on your organization. It could mean all members of a build group or it could mean all developers if the build is exposed to and used by all members of an agile team. We trust that you ask us for clarification when you're in any doubt and we take your word for the number of licenses you need.
  • Batch template generation
    You are batch processing terp templates for report- or text-generation. You will need one developer license per template author and one deployment license per server core.
  • Dynamic page generation
    You are dynamically generating pages in response to user requests. You will need one developer license per template author and one deployment license per server core.
  • Embedded use
    You embed the terp engine in your own product for whatever purpose. You will need a developer license for every developer and an unlimited deployment license or a per-installation deployment license.

Beyond those use cases, we are very willing to talk to you and custom-tailor a proposal that makes business sense.

We do not include any license enforcement in our product. We trust you to do the right thing.

What is the cost?

The table below contain the standard price list. Talk to us if these prices don't make sense for your use case for any reason.

terp pricing
Item Description Price
Developer License           (1) A single developer license, be it template author, build engineer, or anything else. US$    $299
Developer License         (10) A developer license 10 pack. US$   2,000
Developer License       (site) A developer site license. All employees on-site may use terp for any purpose related to development. US$ 10,000
Deployment License       (1) A single deployment license. US$       10
Deployment License    (100) A deployment license 100 pack. US$      500
Deployment License  (1000) A deployment license 1000 pack. US$   2,500
Embedded License Embedd terp in your own product for whatever purpose. Call
Source Code License Access to source code for the purpose of porting, enhancing, debugging, and escrow. Call
Developer Support & Maintenance One year of developer support by phone and email plus donwloads, access to bugfixes, and new releases.
Optional but highly recommended.
US$       99

Beyond these standard prices, we are available as consultants for terp-related work. We can provide you with customizations or with extensions to terp's built-in features. Let us know what you need and we will let you know whether we can handle the project within your budget.

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