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Interface Formatter

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
Formatter.AbstractFormatter, Formatter.Base64, Formatter.Capitalize, Formatter.Namefy, Formatter.Pad, Formatter.Remove, Formatter.Replace, Formatter.TextFormatter, Formatter.ToAscii, Formatter.ToLowercase, Formatter.ToSlug, Formatter.ToUppercase, Formatter.ToXml, Formatter.Trim

public interface Formatter
extends Transformer<java.lang.CharSequence>

A formatter is a special kind of transformer with a CharSequence result type.

Nested Class Summary
static class Formatter.AbstractFormatter
          The baseclass for all concrete formatters.
static class Formatter.Base64
static class Formatter.Capitalize
          A formatter that uppercases the first N (default 1) characters.
static class Formatter.Namefy
          A formatter that trims and replaces non-alphabetic characters with a configurable character sequence (default is the underscore).
static class Formatter.Pad
          A formatter that pads an item with a configurable string to a configurable width, before or after the item.
static class Formatter.Remove
          A formatter that removes a string from an item.
static class Formatter.Replace
          A formatter that replaces a substring with another.
static class Formatter.TextFormatter
          A formatter that applies a Java format string with optional arguments to the item.
static class Formatter.ToAscii
          A formatter that .
static class Formatter.ToLowercase
          A formatter that converts a string to its lowercase representation.
static class Formatter.ToSlug
          A formatter that converts a string with spaces and underscores to a lowercase string with dashes.
static class Formatter.ToUppercase
          A formatter that converts a string to its uppercase representation.
static class Formatter.ToXml
          A formatter that converts a string to an XML includable representation.
static class Formatter.Trim
          A formatter that trims whitespace.
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.codemesh.terp.api.Transformer
Transformer.AbstractTransformer<T>, Transformer.LineBreaker
Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface com.codemesh.terp.api.Transformer
Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface com.codemesh.terp.api.Transformer
getItemName, getParamNames, transform, transform, transform

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