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Can I generate proxy types for all types in a package?


Yes. This is a feature that was first introduced in version 3.2.8. In the "Import Class from Classpath" dialog you normally specify a fully qualified classname such as java.lang.String.

If you are interested in all types in a package, you can simply use the asterisk as a wildcard character. For example, to import all types in the java.sql package you would import java.sql.*

The code generator applies the normal import rules for accessability, so if you are using the default settings of only enabling public types, only the public members of the package will be marked as generating.

You can even import all types in a package and its subpackages using the double wildcard. To import all types in the com.myapi package and all its subpackages, use the com.myapi.** name for import.

All wildcards currently only work at the end of the name.

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