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Starting out with nothing but Java...
An interesting introductory example of using the code generator to create a C++ integration library for a well-known Java API (JMS).

Code Generator Reference

Command line options reference
A complete list of supported code generator command line options.

ANT tasks and elements for code generation
A reference for the custom ANT code generator tasks and elements.

ANT tasks and elements for C++ compilation
A reference for the custom ANT compiler abstraction.

The ANT Java / C++ integration solution template
An ANT project that can serve as the blueprint for your own Java / C++ integration projects.

Development Guidelines

Coding best practices
The dos and don'ts of using proxy classes.

Setting up your integration project
Compiling, linking, and deployment issues.

Runtime Configuration

Codemesh Runtime API Reference (C++)
The C++ API published by the Codemesh runtime library.

What is runtime configuration and why do I need it?

Explicit Configuration
A section on using the configuration API in your application.

Configuration via Environment Variables
A complete list of supported environment variables.

Configuration with an XML file
A complete list of configuration file keywords.

Configuration with a config hook
A little introduction to using configuration hooks.

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