Platform & JRE requirements


We're constantly adding new platforms to the mix but most of our platform ports were initiated by customer demand. Contact us if you need JMS Courier on a yet unsupported platform and we can discuss what's involved in doing a port for you.

Platform Comment
Windows 98 and later on IA32 and AMD64. This list includes all currently released Windows versions, specificly including Windows Server 200X and Windows Vista. It does not yet include Windows 7.

C# Compilers

JuggerNET requires a C# compiler. Most developers use C# via Microsoft's Visual Studio product but you could use the C# compiler that comes bundled with your .NET SDK.

Compiler Comment
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Different versions of Visual Studio imply different versions of the .NET runtime.
Strictly speaking, you don't actually need Visual Studio for development because JuggerNET only requires a C# compiler, which comes with the .NET SDK.

.NET Runtime Environments

JuggerNET has been designed to work well with .NET 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. It currently does not take advantage of any 2.0 features but it works well with .NET 2.0 and later.

Java Runtime Environments

In theory, JuggerNET should work with just about any Java Runtime Environment. In practice, we require a fairly complete and correct implementation of the Java Native Interface (JNI). Such implementations have become fairly commonplace since Sun JRE 1.2.1 and you can probably use any fairly modern Java2 or later JVM in in-process mode.

Sometimes a later version (particularly a point zero version) might introduce some regressions that could impact an integration solution like JuggerNET. In all likelihood, this is not going to be an issue, but to be certain, we only qualify JuggerNET with JREs we have tested with in the past.

A JRE is only required at runtime and only if you're using the recommended in-process mode.

f you're deploying in out-of-process mode, you need the JRE only on the machine that hosts the Shared JVM server.

In-process JRE Comment
Sun JRE 1.2.2 - 1.8.x There are no known limitations for any Sun JREs.
IBM JRE 1.4, 1.5 There are no known limitations for the IBM JRE but we have only tested with the 1.4 and 1.5 version.
BEA (JRockit) 1.5 There are no known limitations for the BEA JRE but we have only tested with the 1.5 version.

Shared JVM mode

In out-of-process (Shared JVM) mode, the JuggerNET shared JVM server requires at least a JRE 1.4, otherwise the in-process constraints apply.

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juggernet requirements
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