JuggerNET v3.2

JuggerNET Release 3.1

Release Focus

This release contains mostly bugfixes, performance improvements and support for treating Java collections as IEnumerable types.

Change history

Version Module Issue
4.x All The JuggerNET release notes for modern versions are now maintained on this page.
3.2.11 Runtime #757     Changed assembly processing algorithm to provide better exception messages in case of problems.
Code generator #756     Saved model does not open when array type was imported from classpath (regression due to work on regular expression imports).
Code generator #754     Incorrect element type declaration in array proxy types for Java interface types.
3.2.9 - 3.2.10 n/a only C++ related changes
3.2.8 Code generator #747     Regression from bugfix for #745. Conversion operator from .NET array of proxy elements to proxy array is broken.
3.2.7 Code Generator #746  CLS compliance violated when elements in super type clash with elements in derived type.
Code Generator #745      Namespace problem with scenarios like com.foo.com.bar.
3.2.6 Code Generator #744      Generated StringArray type does not contain all necessary elements.
Code Generator #743      Many warnings about unnecessary new modifiers on generated methods.
Code Generator #742      Code generator throws (and catches) NullReferenceException for Clone() methods of some abstract types.
Code Generator #741      Code generator can confuse inner types of same name in different outer types at same package scope.
3.2.5 Runtime #740      Several changes in the way strings are marshalled across the boundary.
Code generator #738      On some Chinese and Japanese systems array element set operations can cause an exception. This is potentially still a problem.
3.2.4 n/a only C++ related changes
3.2.3 Code Generator #735      Lack of control over target version (-target) of generated Java callback support class.
3.2.2 Documentation Generator #729      @exclude tag from JavaDoc should be translated so that nDoc can be instructed to ignore the doc element.
Documentation Generator #728      Long documentation contains duplicate of short documentation
3.2.1 Code Generator #725      Strange log messages from code generator.
Documentation Generator #723      Inner types don't have available JavaDoc comments taken into account.
3.2.0 Code Generator #721      Generated batch build files don't find .NET 2.0 framework directory.
Code Generator #720      Compilation error in generated code due to override keyword being used on non-virtual method.
Code Generator #719      Generated code causes warnings about proxy Main() methods not having the right signature to be a valid entry point.
Code Generator #718      Finalize() methods are not suppressed.
Code Generator and Runtime #715      It would be nice if Java collection instances were IEnumerable.
Code Generator #714      .NET code generator complains about unconfigured JDK, even though javac.exe is bundled.
Code Generator #713      Generated app.config file does not contain example of how to configure arbitrary -X options.
Runtime #712      Default JVM path that would be used by runtime library is not queryable by a .NET application.
Runtime #710      Java to .NET string marshalling now
5-10% faster.

JuggerNET Release 3.1

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release 3.2
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