JuggerNET v3.1

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Release Focus

This release's focus is the Shared JVM feature for C++ clients, but it includes several, important bug fixes for the .NET side as well.

Change history

Version Module Issue
3.1.19 Runtime #709     Strings with lengths between 1024 and 2048 characters are not marshalled correctly.
3.1.12 - 3.1.18 n/a Only C++ related changes.
3.1.11 Code Generator #684     Added code generator version to generated code.
3.1.10 Code Generator #682      Maximum supported line length of C# compiler exceeded.
Code Generator #681      Use of a JDK 1.3 for generating proxies fails.
Runtime #680      Fixed PrependToClassPath configuration setting in runtime.
3.1.9 Runtime #679      .NET synchronization feature does not work as designed.
3.1.8 Runtime #678      Algorithm for default JVM path is "wrong." Now taking JAVA_HOME into account.
3.1.7 Runtime #675      JvmPath and other string properties return empty string even if not explicitly set.
3.1.6 n/a Only C++ related changes.
3.1.5 Runtime #669     Java synchronization needs to be exposed to .NET. Added JavaProxyMonitor and JavaProxyLockHolder utility types.
Code Generator #666     Generated code does not compile if java.lang.System is generated.
Code Generator and Runtime #646     SecurityManager only partially supported
3.1.4 Runtime #646     Memory leak when returning inexactly typed instances.
3.1.0 - 3.1.3 n/a Only C++ related changes

JuggerNET Release 3.0   |  JuggerNET Release 3.2

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release 3.1
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