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How do I set up a VisualStudio project from scratch?


It's really simple, but the exact answer depends a little bit on the language you are programming in.

JuggerNET always generates C# source files. This means that you can add the generated code to your own C# project file, whether it is a traditional assembly (DLL) or whether you are building an executable. In that case, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Add the generated sources (Add Existing Files...)
  2. Add one of netrt.dll or netrtsn.dll to the project's references. You need to use netrtsn.dll if you're going to build strongly named assemblies.
  3. Do NOT add xmogrt.dll, msvcXXX.dll, or multiple different versions of netrt(sn).dll to the project. The former DLLs are unmanaged DLLs that are only required at runtime, the latter would cause compilation/runtime errors due to multiply defined types.

At this point you are done with the required project setup and you should be able to build your target. Your next step will be to try to run it in the debugger to see that everything works. Unfortunately, you will immediately run into the problem of a missing library. The missing library is called xmogrt.dll and we ship it in multiple versions. You will need to copy/deploy one of the supplied libraries to the Debug/bin directory before you can successfully run an application. Please see the Deployment FAQ for more information about required libraries.

If you are developing in other programming languages (VB.NET, managed C++, etc.), you will need to build the generated code into an assembly and add the built assembly to your own project. Otherwise, the instructions are the same.

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