Mixed Java/.NET examples

Using Java from .NET

EJB clients in .NET
So you have your beautiful server-side infrastructure all written in Java, deployed on the J2EE server of your choice, and now you need to hook up a brandnew .NET application or Excel or Word. What do you do?

JMS clients in .NET
Many companies standardize their internal communications on an asynchronous message backbone, often implemented on top of a JMS provider. Now you can tie your .NET applications into this framework as well. Also see some additional JMS .NET examples that are part of the JMS Courier distribution.

Using JDBC from .NET
In a predominantly Java-oriented environment, the occasional .NET application can introduce problems simply by forcing you to use .NET replacement components for the Java components you normally use; think drivers, libraries, etc.

Using Jini from .NET
Jini is a beautiful service-oriented architecture. Unfortunately, its core strength is also somewhat of a weakness: it derives its power from Java and is therefore perceived to be tied to Java. Using JuggerNET, you can easily create Jini SOA solutions that extend to .NET.

Using JavaSpaces from .NET
JavaSpaces is a powerful technology that can be used for object caching and distributed data systems. Using JuggerNET, you can easily extend its reach to .NET.

Using .NET from Java

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