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For modern versions of JuggerNET, please visit the combined JunC++ion/JuggerNET download page.

From this page, you can download old versions of JuggerNET, as long as you have a valid username and password. Click on the file icon to start the download. The latest versions are shipped as a single compressed file that you unzip into a directory of your choice.

You should download the Java5 version if you are planning to parse Java5 source files for documentation or if you're generating callbacks for Java5 types.

Windows IA32 JuggerNET 3.x, Windows, IA-32, JRE 1.4
Windows IA32 JuggerNET 3.x, Windows, IA-32, Java5

The old 1.1 release is available below. The old 1.1 version is shipped as an InstallShield installation. Double-click the executable and follow the instructions.

Windows IA32 JuggerNET 1.1, Windows, IA-32

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