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Is there a "prefered" JMS provider for JMS Courier?


Yes and no. Codemesh has a special relationship with my-channels in the UK. We can offer my-channel's JMS implementation (called nirvana) as part of a fully supported, end-to-end JMS C++ or JMS .NET solution. For all other vendors and providers, we have to push back on support a little bit. This does not mean that we don't support you when you're using other providers. We will do our best to help you, with some limits:

Last time we checked, there were approximately 30-40 JMS providers out there. We know that there are even more implementations that are available as part of larger, proprietary products. To the best of our knowledge, JMS Courier works with all of them. We will definitely try to get your C++ or .NET code working with any of these providers but we don't want to get into the business of keeping up-to-date on every single one of them. We collect whatever experiences we have had and whatever configuration information is sent our way and make it available as an FAQ for the benefit of our customers, but we don't take responsibility for providing configuration advice for every single one of these third party products. We also don't take responsibility for spec incompatibilities of these providers.

We definitely help you with C++ and .NET issues and we will help you with advice about the mechanics of configuring the runtime for your provider. We only commit to helping you with JMS or provider-related questions up to a certain degree, unless you're using nirvana.

So to sum it up:

  • nirvana is a very nice messaging product and it has a special status in that Codemesh can (re)sell it to you and provide you with a fully supported, end-to-end messaging solution.
  • Codemesh simply cannot afford to provide the same kind of support for other messaging providers, but...
  • JMS Courier should work with any (spec-compliant) provider and we will provide you with support for the C++ and .NET components of the product, regardless of which provider you are using.

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