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JMS Courier for C++ Documentation



This is the main page of the JunC++ion API documentation.

For additional information visit Codemesh online at or go to the main product documentation page.


Codemesh, Inc.
POBox 620
Carlisle, MA 01741, USA


The reference manual contains the full API documentation as well as documentation about major functional units. The major functional units are all available via the Module link, but you can also take a look at the following functional units directly from here:
Arrays A description of array features and interoperability
Error Handling A description of error and exception handling capabilities
Java Peer Framework A description of Java peer capabilities
Runtime Configuration A description of runtime configuration methods and options
Security A description of the security features
String Handling A description of the built-in Java/C++ string conversion capabilities
Threading A description of multi- or hyperthread related issues
Tracing A description of the built-in tracing/logging capabilities

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