JMS Courier v3.0

Release Focus

This release is essentially driven by the re-release of JunC++ion and JuggerNET. The C++ proxy classes have been regenerated using JunC++ion 3.x rather than JunC++ion 2.x. This means that you now have access to the new runtime configuration mechanisms and all other new features in JunC++ion 3.x.

Furthermore, we have started bundling .NET proxy types into the JMS Courier product, which used to be a C++-only product.

The 3.0 release is still a little rough around the edges in terms of packaging. The old JMS Courier 2.x documentation was in PDF format and is currently being translated to new HTML-based documentation. The examples have been updated to provide better configurability for different JMS providers.

Technically, this is a very solid release. In terms of packaging and documentation, we still have a lot of work to do.

The old version of JMS Courier with its full documentation is still available for those evaluators who prefer complete documentation over the latest features.

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release 3.0
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