Codemesh Partners

Partner philosophy

Codemesh recognizes that its success will be measured by the lasting partnerships it develops. Partnerships are an essential ingredient for building a stable operating basis for the company. Codemesh has a very basic approach to winning new partners and satisfying existing ones:

  • Make sure that Codemesh products are technically adequate for the task at hand.
    We should probably say "superior" rather than "adequate," but we believe that it is up to our partners to make that distinction.
  • Provide excellent support.
    Most bugs with a significant impact on partners are fixed within a day; high priority feature enhancements are often delivered within a week.
  • Ensure mutual profitability.
    Codemesh has a very straight-forward approach to business: we don't win if you don't win. To that effect, we rarely fail at coming up with a license proposal that does not meet our partner's business needs.

We believe that you have better things to do than implementing and maintaining inter-language glue. We let you focus on your core business area while we take care of the gory details of language interoperability and integration.

Codemesh brings together leading software development and integration partners to deliver the best available solutions. The results are the best commercially available software for language integration.

What does it take to become a partner?

It really takes very little: you typically have a Java product that can benefit from C++ or .NET bindings and you're willing to work with us on providing you with that capability. It could also mean that you have a product that fits well with Codemesh's needs.

In short, give us a call or emails us at and discuss your requirements with us.

Who is a Codemesh partner?

Please take a look at our current partners and read a little about the reasons behind each partnership.

  • GigaSpaces and Codemesh offer an industrial-strength JavaSpaces solution for C++ and .NET.
  • my-Channels and Codemesh offer end-to-end enterprise Java Message Service solutions from C++ and .NET.
  • Tangosol and Codemesh offer Java-based, clustered, distributed caching to improve data access for for C++ applications.
  • StreamBase and Codemesh offer .NET solutions to address the processing demands of low latency, real time computing.
  • GemStone and Codemesh provide a scalable, distributed platform to manage increasing volume of enterprise data and streaming events in C++ and .NET.


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