my-Channels: the new generation of
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The use case

Codemesh and my-Channels together provide the messaging solution you need to maximize the power of your messaging environment. my-Channels provides a secure, reliable, scalable, and feature-rich JMS implementation. Codemesh provides the ability to integrate C++ components into JMS.

About my-Channels

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my-Channels was established in 1997 with the goal of providing integration solutions that meet very tough criteria:

  • allow users to manage and perform any function from anywhere
  • build integrated applications without having to build an entirely new infrastructure
  • create a scalable solution to support hundreds of users in multiple locations with any number of partners
  • make the solution totally secure, reliable, manageable, and capable of working over both public and private networks.
  • ensure that the business model provides maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness

The solutions designed by my-Channels meet all these criteria. They have been built from the ground up to solve real problems, not theoretical situations. They create a system that enables a seamless transit of data within and among enterprises without requiring changes to an existing software infrastructure or investment in unnecessary technologies.

my-Channels knows their solutions work as promised. Before forming the company, their staff had extensive experience in building integrated systems and they found out the hard way how to build systems that work. my-Channels engineers made sure that others won't have to experience the same pain they had to.



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