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We are frequently in touch with our customers, evaluators, and business partners, and we'd like to hear from you. Send us your questions, suggestions, or any other feedback you might have. Most of the new features we've implemented are a direct result of our customers asking for them.

Our sales and engineering team is happy to talk to you (no really, we're not kidding) so give us a call. Email is great for sending long questions and getting back answers that you can print out or save, but if you want to get some quick information and you want to talk to a real human being, use your telephone. Whether you have a business question or a technical problem, we can usually help you during the call (the number is below).

Regardless of how you wish to contact us, please check out the website first. The FAQs (easily available from the sidebar) are constantly updated and might be the quickest way to answer your question.

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You will need to give us at least your email address so we have a way to respond to you.


Sales & Business Questions

Phone:+1 (978)369-8583
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Address:Codemesh, Inc.
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Phone: +1 (978)369-8583

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