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The use case

JMS Courier was instrumental in allowing one of Bang Networks' clients to implement
breakthrough technology that provides an integrated, intelligent messaging
platform, that supports the full range of information messaging, routing and
transformation requirements across disparate networks and endpoints. The
client's integrated intelligent information messaging platform is designed
to be deployed on their own network.

This use case is a perfect example of Codemesh technology being instrumental in winning a deal for our customer. Bang's potential client had a time-critical problem and Bang had the right product for solving that problem, except for the fact that it couldn't be used from C++.

The time interval between the first evaluation by Bang engineers and the delivery of a working prototype to Bang's customer was less than a week.

About Bang Networks

Bang Networks Logo

"Bang Networks works with many of the world's largest financial institutions to significantly reduce the technology costs associated with sharing critical business information and eliminate the technological hurdles that prevent them from moving their businesses forward."

Editorial Comment:    Bang fell victim to the post-bubble recession.

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case study: Bang Networks
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