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Our vision

We're not that big on vision statements, but we believe that we have a genuine vision: software should just work with each other, no matter what language it's written in!

We started out with Java/C++ interoperability, but in our mind that has always only been a first step. We added Java/.NET interoperability and we will add more interoperability solutions in the future.

Our focus has been and will be integration accross computer programming languages. It's a niche in which we intend to be a leader in terms of product quality and support.

A brief history

2000     Codemesh was officially incorporated as a Delaware Corporation in July 1999. For the first 15 months, the company operated in obscurity while laboring on the first release of its JunC++ion product, a product that greatly eases the burden of integrating Java with C++.

After a three month beta period, JunC++ion 1.0 was released on September 29th 2000. Codemesh immediately won a large networking company as its first customer and had its first international sale by December. In March 2001, the first platform port was completed on Solaris.

2001     During this first half year of being in public business, it had become obvious that there was a market not just for a general purpose integration tool like JunC++ion but also for targeted integration solutions. Consequently, between May and August of 2001, Codemesh was hard at work to create the first release of its JMS Courier product, a targeted integration solution for using the Java Message Service from C++.

2002     At that point in time, the post-bubble recession had started to take its toll on Codemesh's customers: a survey done in 2002 found that approximately one third of potential customers did not exist anymore, one third had cancelled or postponed projects or disbanded the group, and the remaining one third had no money to spend.

2003     Codemesh survived this very challenging business climate and launched its JuggerNET product in July 2003. JuggerNET is a companion product to JunC++ion and helps developers with the integration of Java and .NET code.

2004     Codemesh finally received a first official recognition of its work when it was awarded a "Best JMS Implementation" award by a popular German IT magazine for the JMS Courier product. Everyone was very surprised because no one had been aware of the fact that we had been nominated at all!

2005     Codemesh started a major rewrite of all its products with the goal of consolidating the code bases of JunC++ion and JuggerNET and making the products ready for new challenges. The rewrite culminated in a JunC++ion 3.0 release in November 2005. The new implementation has been instrumental in winning several important partnership deals.
After many years of waiting (and paying for legal services), Codemesh was also finally awarded US patent #6,901,588 for its integration technology.

2006     Codemesh officially release JuggerNET 3.0 and signed up several new partners. It's been a good year so far.

2007     Codemesh continues doing well. JunC++ion is ported to additional platforms and it is another profitable year.

2008     Codemesh continues doing well. JunC++ion is ported to additional platforms and compilers and has its most profitable year yet.

2009     Codemesh introduces a new product named terp. terp incorporates a template engine that is useful in code generation as well as a set of powerful and versatile ANT tasks that allow us to build C++ applications on all platforms of interest.

2011     Codemesh introduces the long-awaited, major JunC++ion v4 release. The v4 release includes a completely revamped GUI, integration project management, and customizable code generation.

Codemesh is a profitable, privately owned company.


Alexander Krapf, President and Co-Founder

Mr. Krapf has over 20 years experience in software engineering, product development, and project management in the United States and Europe. He has been extensively involved in a variety of complex product development efforts using his in-depth understanding of .NET, C++, and Java. Mr. Krapf’s successes have ranged from contributing SEC compliance components in the financial sector to managing the development of e-commerce servers for Hitachi Computer Products. In addition to founding and managing Codemesh, Mr. Krapf has worked for IBM, Thomson Financial Services, Hitachi, Veeder-Root, and Document Directions Inc., where he has been involved in product rollout, customer training, and customer relations for a diverse set of products and services.

Recognizing the need for easy to use, quality software integration products, Mr. Krapf co-founded Codemesh to satisfy a growing market need and his own entrepreneurial instincts. Mr. Krapf’s history with product successes, as well as failures, has taught him what it takes to build a company with strong technology, firm business principles, and excellent customer support: Codemesh.

Mr. Krapf received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Neil Galarneau, CTO

Mr. Galarneau is a 20 year software engineering veteran in a diverse range of positions and companies. Before co-founding Codemesh, Mr. Galarneau designed and wrote significant, industry-leading software products at Lotus Development Corporation, Thomson Financial Services, Progress Software, and Kronos, Inc. In addition to his individual contributions, he has led software development team efforts, serving in both technical and project management capacities.

Engaged with Java since its inception, Mr. Galarneau has worked with Java to develop applications for the financial industry and for real-time decision management. His Java experience is built on years of programming reliable, successful, and popular products such as Lotus 1-2-3. He has the perspective of not only building but sustaining products over multiple releases. Mr Galarneau is driven by the desire to develop new products and to ensure client satisfaction.

Mr. Galaneau received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

William Nally, Sales Manager

Mr. Nally has over 25 years experience in hardware and software sales and marketing with a select group of US and International firms. Mr. Nally was the National Sales Manager for Sony Corporation of America's Peripheral Products Group, where the group introduced leading edge optical and magnetic storage products and sold them throughout North America. He was a Senior OEM Account Manager with Netscape Communications, where he was responsible for OEM sales to such companies as Digital Equipment Corporation, Data General and Parametric Technology. Mr. Nally has also held sales management positions with Hitachi, Ziff-Davis and Exor Corporation.

Mr. Nally received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Waynesburg College.

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